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Mindfulness and resilience go hand in hand. And that’s a major benefit. Here are 6 of the many you will receive in just a few weeks of practice

  • feel calmer and manage stress differently
  • find simple ways to recover quickly from challenges in life
  • be a source of well-being for your family, friends and colleagues

My name is John Angelori. I’m a mindfulness teacher and language coach/consultant and I can show you how. I teach people simple and effective ways to

  • listen to themselves and others
  • understand what influences them
  • and map out ways to get to where they want to go

Whatever your objectives are, our work together will make you more

Call me on Skype, or write me to book some time. We can

  • do a free mindfulness session
  • discuss your objectives and interests

Find me on Skype, on Facebook or here on Verbling. To learn more about my background and the companies I’ve worked with click here.

Read my Blog+ above for thoughts, reflections and news about where to find me on-line for mindfulness meditations, Facebook “live” and more.

Born and raised in the NYC area, I have been cross-training my whole life: electrician in my father’s business as a youngster, musician and sports enthusiast for a lifetime.

In the 1980s, I worked in mental health clinics in NY and Boston after discovering meditation in the psych lab at college. I have lived in Buddhist monasteries and came to Italy to help set-up Santacittarama in 1990. My background in mindfulness gives me a unique perspective on training others. For more than half my life, I have been

Karen Rylander-Davis

President Madyl Consulting,
former corporate Vice President, Training and Career Management, Nexans

It was my pleasure and good fortune to know and work with John a number of years ago. His unique perspective and approach to organizations and teams challenge the individuals who constitute them to be the best they can be while discovering their authentic selves. I strongly recommend John as a thinking partner, facilitator and leader.”

Francesco Ferrante

IT Manager Farmila-Thea Pharmaceutical S.P.A.

Ho avuto il piacere di lavorare con John nella stessa azienda per alcuni anni, collaborando con lui per gli aspetti di selezione e di valutazione del personale. Sono grato a John per il supporto personale che mi ha dato ed ancora mi sta dando come coach, facendo di me un manager ed una persona migliore.

Alessandro Gianetti

Managing Partner Connect Global LLC

I believe John is an asset for any company that wants to grow and develop its human capital and create a new, inspiring working environment. In less than a few sessions, he was able to earn the trust and respect of our employees and management team, building a sustainable, smart HR strategy to support business growth.

Pierluigi d’Emilio

Application Portfolio Manager Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù

An uncommon professional who always suggested innovative approaches and created well being for our people. He strongly believes in the values he professes and his passion allows him to get results and to nudge people toward being both positive and reflective.

Elisa di Maio

Italian Public School Teacher

Una persona di rara sensibilità. Mi ho portato la Mindfulness nella mia vita, con grande benessere nel lavoro, nella vita privata e anche nel tempo libero, di cui oggi apprezzo ogni istante. Grazie davero John.

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