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My name is John. I was born and raised in the NYC area and I have been cross-training my whole life – electrician in my father’s business as a young man, musician and sports enthusiast for a lifetime, and mental health worker in NY and Boston in the 1980s.

My interest in mindfulness and learning has guided me ever since I discovered meditation at the psych lab in college. It brought me to live and train in Buddhist monasteries in the UK in the late 80s and to then to Santacittarama in 1990.

Since coming to Italy, I have been teaching English, mindfulness meditation and yoga in companies, schools and for private students. I’m a curious man, interested in how meditation and body-mind awareness helps people solve problems, helps them learn and change and hopefully make the world a better place. Now we’re dealing with the new Corona virus.

Even before the current COVID-19 pandemic, I have been using the on-line space for coaching and teaching. Contact me directly at john@johnangelori.com, on Skype, on Facebook or by scrolling down to my name on Verbling. To learn more about my background and the companies I’ve worked with click here.

Click here for your free Mindfulness Meditation Starters Kit (oppure una guida in Italiano).

You can also book a free session with me to discuss whatever learning package you are interested in.

Thanks for taking the time to visit. Please share this page with others. And read News+ for my blog and info on real time events, on-line mindfulness meditations, Facebook “live” webinars.

Peace out and see you soon.

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