First off

Let’s meet on-line or in-person.

You’ve probably had time to find out about me and my training and experience. The tools I offer are simple and straightforward. Now it’s my turn to hear what you’re looking for and how I can help you.

No worries if it takes us more than one meeting to get acquainted. It’s good to try things on for size and get a feeling for each other.

There is no charge for this.


I generally work with people on-line via Skype/Zoom/Meet. I also find it helpful to organize an occasional face-to-face meeting now and then if possible

  • at a location we agree on
  • or somewhere closer to me that I can rent for our time

It may be linked to a project we’re working when conditions allow.


Mindfulearning is a steady, organic process. Whether we’re doing English or mindfulness, you’ll need time to

  • explore lifestyle hacks
  • develop new habits
  • experience confidence

as we get to know each other better.


How it works

I typically agree on a package with people that consists of a number of monthly coaching sessions. The length of each session depends on the type of work we’re doing and how we want to organize

  • the type of coaching program we’re doing
  • the priorites you have
  • how you are able to dedicate your time

Our appointments will be fixed for planning and consistency.

Benefits and training packages vary and may include

  • preparing audio a/o video support material
  • 360° feedback every 6 months
  • coaching/training assessments for your people a/o organization
  • lunch or dinner meetings
  • group sessions

You want more (or less)

Extending, augmenting or concluding a coaching package is easy. You can decide

  • when we have completed the hours we agreed upon
  • or if you feel you have reached your objectives


I want to be accessible. I use a sliding scale so anyone can work with me. We can decide on how you pay for the package of coaching benefits you choose (bank transfer or PayPal).

Looking forward to meeting or hearing from you soon. Contact me today for you or your group.