How I do it

First off, we meet. At least I need to get a sense of the person and what he or she is looking for.

If you know something about me, you know that the tools I offer are pretty straight forward, sometimes it takes more than a meeting to get acquainted and try things on for size.

There is no charge for this.

A typical agreement

When we decide, we generally agree on a flat fee, payable each month, for a package of coaching benefits. It is our choice to decide

  • what we want to do
  • how we want to put things together
  • what are our priorities

Typically, a package consists of a number of monthly coaching sessions. The length of each session depends on

  • the type of coaching we’re doing
  • where you are located

How do we do our sessions?

I generally meet people on-line via Skype/Zoom/Meet or by phone. In these extraordinary times, when permitted, we can also try and meet

  • face-to-face at a location we agree on
  • in a place near me that I rent for the client by the hour

Add ons

Benefits and training packages can vary depending on the location of the client. They can sometimes include:

  • preparing audio a/o video support material
  • 360° feedback every 6 months
  • coaching/training assessments for your people a/o organization
  • 1 lunch or dinner meeting a month
  • and much more

Anything else?

It’s good to have an agreement for when and how often you can reschedule so that no one’s left waiting around. Payments be made through bank transfers or using the PayPal button at the bottom).


How I see coaching

The coaching experience for me is a steady, organic process. We are getting to know each other and we need time to develop lifestyle hacks and the habits we are exploring to feel healthier, happier and more resilient.

If a person wants more or less?

Extending, augmenting or concluding a coaching package is easy. We can decide

  • when we have completed the hours we agreed upon
  • or reached our objectives.

Looking forward to meeting or hearing from you soon. Contact me today to discuss a customized package for you or your group.




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