Who am I?

Well, hello there. My name is John and I am a Mindfulness meditation person. Well, actually, I’m a husband, a father and…well, I can tell you more about that stuff another time.

I first started meditating in the 1970s. I learned from a college professor who was doing research. He and his assistant got me going in the right direction and I had a number of good teachers and good experiences with traditional meditation practices. After college and through most of the 1980s, I was able to teach as part of my job as a Mental Health Worker in a psych hospital in Boston. Meditation was catching on and the MBSR protocol was taking shape at UMass down the road. Rather than go the academic route, or have an Asian adventure, I decided to train in Buddhist monasteries in the West. Figured I could always circle back to university later. Instead, I ended up in Italy in 1990 to help set-up Santacittarama Buddhist monastery. I’ve been here ever since.

People tell me I should write a book. They think the story through the 1990s was interesting. I think what happened after is even better.

I started a new life, recycled an earlier version of myself singing jazz and looked for ways to get people interested in awareness. These were the before times, there were no yoga studios on every corner and few people practiced meditation. There was even a risk speaking about it. Meditation equaled religion. My poor Italian didn’t help either and besides, people were mostly interested in having me teach them English. So that’s what I did and have been doing since.

Thirty years have now passed and I have split my time teaching meditation and yoga at Centro Sati, and consulting for innovative businesses and multinationals, doing language courses and developing cross-skill training and HR organization with mindfulness. I am now exploring the on-line space for opportunities to share all of this with you. You can find more about me here or get a copy of my book on Amazon below.

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