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Thirty years have now passed since I first came to Italy. For most of these years, I have been

There’s more about my background and training here. 

A quick overview

Meditation training

I got my first formal meditation training in the 1970s from a college professor doing research on its effects; then his assistant got me going in the right direction. I had great teachers and valuable experiences with traditional meditation and clinical applications in the forty years since.

I started teaching meditation as part of my job as a Mental Health Worker in a psych hospital in Boston, and then decided to live in Buddhist monasteries in the West to deepen my understanding.

I came to Italy in 1990 to help set-up Santacittarama Buddhist monastery and stayed.

Now I’m exploring the on-line space for more opportunities to share.

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YouTube Video – Simone Lardieri


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Video – Simone Lardieri