How I do it


My clients generally pay a flat amount each month for a package of coaching benefits. We are free to decide what and how we want to put things together and what we want to make out priorities.

Typically, a package consists of a number of monthly coaching sessions. The length of each session depends on the type of coaching we’re doing and where you are. Sessions with local clients can be face-to-face at a location we agree on (or in a space near me that I rent for the client by the hour). I meet clients who are farther away via Skype or by phone. Benefits and training packages vary depending on the geographical location of the client and may include:

  • preparing audio a/o video support material
  • 360° feedback every 6 months
  • coaching/training assessments for your people a/o organization
  • 1 lunch or dinner meeting a month
  • and much more

Also, we usually have an agreement for when and how often a client can reschedule so that no one’s left waiting around wasting their time.

The coaching experience for me is a steady, organic process of getting to know each other and having the time to develop the lifestyle and habits we are exploring. Extending, augmenting or concluding a coaching package is also easy when we have completed the hours we agreed upon or reached our objectives.

Looking forward to meeting or hearing from you soon to discuss a customized package for you or your group.


What they’re saying…

It has been my pleasure and good fortune to know and work with John for almost 15 years. His unique perspective and approach to organizations and teams challenge the individuals who constitute them to be the best they can be while discovering their authentic selves. His style of listening deeply and drawing together points of agreement creates an environment that enables groups to make progress even in the face of significant conflict. I strongly recommend John as a thinking partner, facilitator and leader.

Ho avuto il piacere di lavorare con John nella stessa azienda per alcuni anni, collaborando con lui per gli aspetti di selezione e di valutazione del personale. Ho molto apprezzato la sua estrema professionalità e le grandi capacità di gestione delle risorse umane che possiede, unite ad un approccio calmo ed assertivo alla risoluzione dei problemi. Credo che John abbia dato un apporto decisivo alla crescita dell’Azienda, grazie all’eccellente lavoro di sviluppo delle potenzialità del personale e di cura dei rapporti umani e professionali. John ha anche apportato un contributo di idee originali, derivate dalla cultura anglo-sassone e mediate per essere produttive ed efficaci nel nostro ambito lavorativo. Sono grato a John per il supporto personale che mi ha dato ed ancora mi sta dando come coach, facendo di me un manager ed una persona migliore.

…John was very engaged with our teams, inspiring and target-focused. He provided us with an outsider’s perspective on how to best grow and develop our people. He took the time to understand our challenges and needs and provided excellent, tailored feedback on how we could best engage our teams while the company was growing internationally. In less than a few sessions, he was able to earn the trust and respect of our employees and management team, building a sustainable, smart HR strategy to support business growth. I believe John is an asset for any company that wants to grow and develop its human capital and create a new, inspiring working environment.

…John is a professional who always suggested innovative approaches toward creating well being for our people. He strongly believes in the values he professes and his passion allows him to get results and to nudge people toward being positive and reflective.


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