Created in 2003…

Centro Sati is a meditation society (in Italian a Associazione Culturale) founded by me, John Angelori, Riccardo Ianiri and small group of people dedicated to the teaching and practice of meditation. It was modeled after principles and place where I received my own training over the years like these below

where I received my own training over the years. Centro Sati is not for profit and it is not a charity foundation. It was created to give people a place to learn about and practice meditation and 10% of the money it receives is donated to the Bhikkkhu’s at Santacittarama Buddhist monastery.

Over the years, the Centro could be found in different places around the City of Latina (including over a bakery one summer). In 2008, a 70 sqm store became it’s home in small shopping center in Q5. Many people came there to practice and do courses in

  • vipassana meditation
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses
  • viniyoga

Changes in 2018…

Well before the Coronvirus lockdown in Italy, and for a variety of reasons too long to go into here, Centro Sati “went forth into homelessness” – and it still is today. But my hope continues that the Centro will have a place again some time in the not too distant future, where people can come and share the practice.

Group practice

For now, the people from Centro Sati meet each week on-line, where the spirit of group practice continues to prosper. Every Tuesday evening from 19.30 to 20.15 (CET) there is Centro Sati on the Cloud on Skype a brief guided meditation (sometimes followed by discussion).

In brief

Centro Sati has been an important part of my life in all of the years I have lived in Italy – and for many others as well. And now I’d like to help make Centro Sati more accessible and useful to people all over Italy and beyond. You can find out more

and I am slowly working on a new platform “coming soon” in the coming months in which

  • guided mediation videos
  • “live” meditazions

will be available for anyone interested in meditation, with a special area for “members” of Centro Sati.

Support Centro Sati with your donations

Centro Sati donates 10% of the money it receives to the Bhikkhus at Santacittarama Buddhist monastery.

The rest goes to

  1. support the work needed to help Centro Sati grow
  2. cover expenses necessary for experts and infrastructure needed for
    • a separate Centro Sati website
    • eventual platforms for an area open to the public and one for members only
    • the creation of content (audio, video, etc.) to share
    • “live” teachings (guided meditations, etc.)
    • “office” hours
    • bookkeeping and related costs

So hoping to see and hear from you soon.

Thanks. or WhatsApp: +39 328 067 1593