Mindfulness is a 360° answer for any person, group or organization that wants to know how to be happier, healthier and more resilient in very little time. I deliver training on site or on-line, in workshops, teambuilding events or personalized coaching. But what exactly is mindfulness?



Mindfulness has become synonymous with programs that

  • promote anti-stress
  • improve well-being
  • increase productivity in professional settings

In reality, mindfulness is an English translation of the ancient Pali word sati, a language used in northern India over 2000 years ago, and it can mean many things including

  • awareness
  • presence of mind
  • simply paying attention

Of course, it’s all of the above and…

It implies much more

Here are some of the ways you can think about mindfulness. It’s

  • a way of being
  • a basic, human capability
  • learnable/trainable under any circumstances
  • at your disposal at any time
  • transversal, improves
    • critical and innovative thinking
    • inter-personal skills (e.g. presentations and communication)
    • organizational skills, teamwork, etc.
    • intra-personal skills (e.g. self-discipline, enthusiasm, perseverance, self-motivation, etc.
    • global citizenship (e.g. tolerance, openness, respect for diversity, intercultural understanding, etc.

Mindfulness is NOT

  • esoteric
  • conceptual
  • something we can “get” or “procure”
  • a state of attainment

Mindfulness IS

  • an attitude to cultivate
  • something we do, in part, “on our own”

It is way of maintaining full attention on our experience as it is happening “moment to moment”

  • using our bodies
  • our hearts and our minds
  • our relationships with others

Mindfulness is the intention and act of bringing our attention to the present moment as it unfolds, over and over again, while being fully and uncategorically receptive to whatever is happening to us.

photo by Carlotta Domenici De Luca #iorestoincam

I have been practicing and teaching meditation and yoga for many years. I have found the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) protocol of Jon Kabat-Zinn to be an effective way to present a panorama of essential tools for personal mastery, in a user-friendly format, for a broad base of users, individually and in groups. Have a look at some of things I offer here and here. Learn how to build sustainable mindfulness meditation practice. Contact me today to discuss a program for yourself or your group.