What it does

All organizations want positive, committed people. Organizational development is a critical part of that process. It helps

  • build capacity to change
  • be more effective
  • develop and improve strategies, structures, and processes

Who it is for

Organizational development helps

  • define the roles people have
  • how they are selected
  • what training they need to bring it all to life

If today’s world is

  • volatile
  • uncertain
  • ambiguous

Organizations want people who are

  • agile
  • understand complexity
  • open to world-wide opportunities and threats

Organizational development is the means to that end because it help people feel and act with a much greater sense of interconnectedness.

How I help

I have been providing human resource and organizational problem solving for companies and mindfulness training for athletes since 1993. I teach simple mindfulness based attitudes and habits that build persistence, patience and resilience, so effective solutions emerge from the inside out.

Workshops are fun, informative and will give you practical tools that can be used immediately. Customizable one-to-one or group work can be made to scale for workshops to multi-day, longer term development. Themes can include

  • mindful leadership
  • human resource development
  • personnel selection, supervision, mentoring
  • language and communication
  • wellness, work-life balance and stress relief
  • mindfulness and meditation for athletes

I have been practicing and teaching meditation and yoga for many years. The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) protocol of Jon Kabat-Zinn is an effective way to present a panorama of essential tools in a user-friendly format, for a broad base of users individually and in groups. Have a look at some of things I offer here and here. Learn how to build sustainable organizational objectives and tools through the lens of mindfulness. Contact me today to discuss how.