Mindfulness english

Mindfulness is a very effective tool for Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and phonemic awareness (clicca qui per Italiano) is a key component for language learning at any age – young or “not so young.” Mindfulness of its sounds and rhythms (clicca qui per Italianocan noticeably shorten the time it takes to use the language immediately and feel competent, while developing other necessary skills.

Mindfulness English has been my core teaching practice since I started working in Italy in the 1990s. A 1-day workshop in English pronunciation and phonetics for groups learning English is fun, informative and practical and the tools you get can be used immediately.

It is also a unique team building activity for mixed language groups that has a powerful impact on both language learning and group communication.

phonemic awareness

TESOL – The Mindful Classroom

phonemic awareness

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