How I help

My professional life in Italy began teaching English and has evolved over the years into various ways of helping people grow as users of the language including

  • providing language training for companies and their personnel who use English as L2
  • consulting for Italian television
  • writing music for publishing companies
  • conducting pronunciation seminars
  • providing blended services for medical professionals
  • coaching for conference presentations and ghostwriting articles for publication

Start here

Much of the work I do with people is based on continuous improvement through applied mindfulness of the

  • sounds
  • physical sensations

found in English. This helps people navigate the language with whatever knowledge they already have.

First timer?

For those with little or no training in English, I’ll help you build your knowledge base from the ground up.


For every learner, the approach is designed to strengthen and develop

  • aural comprehension
  • pronunciation
  • speaking fluency
  • confidence

Creating a new appreciation of the language and how it sounds through mindfulness is the key.

Mindfulness is a very effective tool for Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and phonemic awareness. It is a key component for language learning at any age – even the “not so young.” 

My method is based on very simple but effective principle: resetting the way we hear words and phrases. Learning to be mindfulness of the sounds and rhythms of English can

  • noticeably shorten the time it takes to use English
  • boost confidence and start using English in the first few lessons
  • develop other necessary skills and core competencies in months

Mindful English has been my core teaching practice since I started working in Italy in the 1990s. 

A 1-day workshop in English pronunciation and phonetics for groups learning English is 

  • fun
  • informative
  • practical
  • provides tools you get can use immediately

Mindful English is also a unique team building activity for mixed language groups that has a powerful impact on both language learning and group communication.

Have a look at some of the work I do here and here. Call today to discuss how mindfulness practices are so effective for creating awareness and concentration and to create a program for you or your group.

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