John Angelori

I am meditation teacher. I started in the US in clinical settings the 1980s. I began teaching in Europe after coming to Italy to help set-up the Buddhist monastery Santacittarama in 1991. After more than 20 years at Centro Sati and teaching and consulting for innovative local businesses and multinationals, I am now exploring the on-line space for new opportunities to share Mindfulness and meditation. Look for me on Facebook, Instagram and on my website

Just another COVID-19 Day

Each day after the sun rises, I finish my morning meditation and wait for my wife to wander ...


Una mezza giornata di meditazione a Latina – il 1 marzo 2020

Rinnova la tua mente: meditazioni sull’ordinarietà A partire dalla mattina presso l’Istituto Tasso su Via Tasso, una mezza ...


Una giornata di meditazione: Scaperia (FI) – 7 dicembre 2019

Rinnova la tua mente: meditazioni sulla vita familiare Nella meditazione mindfulness molta attenzione è dedicata ai concetti di ...


You are what you eat (Part II)

We are what we eat – and see and hear and feel and think. Experience, conscious and unconscious, ...


You are what you eat (Part I)

We are what we eat – and see and hear and feel and think.  It seems so obvious; ...


The blog that never was

Well, it’s another sunny day here in Italy where I live and, like most, today began with the ...


Glad you stopped by

This site is being renovated. (And maybe you’ve noticed, I’m going slow. It’s June now!) Hello. My name ...


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